Monday, 31 December 2012

25% GDP growth in Quebec;Strike Down Bill101 / Ian Stone; Alliance Quebec2

Part2  Interview with Ian Stone, Communications Spokesperson, Alliance Quebec2.

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"Bill 101 is a bread and butter issue that affects every single Quebecer where it matters most - in their wallets and at their dinner-tables."

In baseline terms, Bill 101 is responsible for more desecration of wealth and private sector investment opportunity in Quebec than any law in North America since... perhaps, alcohol prohibition?

Bill 101 creates poverty, limits economic opportunity and creates barriers to entry in our marketplace that shouldn't be there; Bill 101 has broken up more families than divorce among Montreal's English community and is responsible for thousands of English-language McGill and Concordia DOCTORAL graduates LEAVING the province. Bill 101 is a mental-health issue, an employment issue, a children's issue, a family issue, a seniors' issue, a Physician issue... Moreover, Bill 101 is all about how QUEBEC says HELLO to today's global marketplace -- and two middle fingers sandwiching a big-fat ZERO does not generally an international greeting make! ...Not when you have laws like ours on your books!

In raw monetary terms, it costs Quebec approximately one billion dollars per year to administrate its language laws. The price-tag for Federal bilingualism runs comparable ($1 billion per year) and remains mostly un-litigated. Now, pair up these statistics with this one: Canada ranks 15th in child poverty amongst developed nations, and Quebec, were it to become a country tomorrow, would rank an undisputed first! So to sum up, we have no money to feed the children, but we have the money to protect their language?!

Question: Are we really being served as a society then when we frame Bill 101 as an English language rights issue?

Alliance Quebec 2 doesn't believe we are. We are here to ensure this discussion gets the full macro-level coverage it deserves and this includes international spotlighting and of course, the bread and butter economics that affect business and citizens on a day to day basis.