Monday, 31 December 2012

Major Realignment of Japanese YEN coming ; David Israel WhiteWave Trading Strategies Ltd.

Program Name: Money and Business with Samuel Ezerzer

Hours : Wednesday live at 4pm, rebroadcasted Sunday at 3am and Monday at 7pm.
Description: The Money & Business Show is the only pure Business show, live in-studio direct from Montreal. The show focuses primarily on the Canadian, United States, and the international economy through a Canadian lens. The show is informative, exciting, and sometimes controversial, encouraging healthy debate.

WhiteWave Trading Strategies Ltd.
Interview with top trader from Chicago David Israel

Get a broader look on the World Markets and plan your trades with minimal risk for maximum returns. WhiteWave clients trade from both sides of the market with varying goals. Traders of all trading strategies profit from an expert’s view of market movement focusing on world capital flows.

WhiteWave’s A.M. Look: A focus session of relevant market drivers that pinpoint directional money flows.
The A.M. Look is a concise distillation of the primary capital flows to be aware of throughout the day, delivered well well before the US session begins. The breadth of coverage includes:

Foreign exchange, global interest rates, stock indices, broad market sectors and specific stocks, ETF’s, and commodities.
Markets with key signals pending are primarily highlighted, while Medium and long term views summarized;

The Professional service level includes alerts and updates throughout the day as patterns develop.
Daily View of market movement and where the money is flowing.

Key Levels and Pattern Alerts across International Currencies, World Bond and Stock Markets, Commodities and Metals.
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