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Aaron Rand; Understanding Options Strategies; Basic Facts About Options Trading

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The key to understanding stock options and how they can play a huge role in you making money is to realize that you don't need thousands of dollars to get started.Yes, having thousands of dollars will help you reach your goals faster, but stock option investing allows you to invest small sums of money and quickly build up your account.

Let's pretend the stock price for Apple Inc. just closed at 700$. So if you wanted to buy one share of Apple computer it would cost you $700, plus commissions.Let's say that one year later the stock has gone up in value by 10%. You would have made roughly 70$ on your 700$ investment. Now earning 10% return on your money is great, but I wouldn't advise anyone to wait a whole year just to earn $70 BUCS !Everyone knows the more money you invest in stocks the more money you can make. Now let's see how the same $700 can be used with stock option investing and earn more .

Options trading has always been a bit of a pariah in the investment world. For the most part, it’s considered by the financial community as a pursuit too complex and dangerous for anyone except the professional trader. Even investing legends like Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch have nothing good to say about it. Lynch once wrote, “Warren Buffett thinks that stock futures and options ought to be outlawed,.” He went on to say, “I don’t understand futures and options myself,” - an important qualifier, and true of any investing opportunity whether it be stocks, bonds, real estate, or pork bellies - you should never trade what you don’t understand.Today in our studios on radio shalom business headquarters in Montreal we have Mr Aaron Rand host of the The famous morning show “ The Aaron Rand Show” to discuss Options Trading  , yes Aaron has other talents than entertaining , and poking fun at the party Quebecois ..  

My name is Samuel Ezerzer, your host to the Money & Business show on Radio Shalom, CJRS 1650 AM. Thank you for tuning in live on the Money & Business show, with our Business studios headquarters in Montreal, the financial capital and the home to the greatest hockey team, the Montreal Canadians. We have another great show for you today and as always, you can call if you have any questions, comments, or criticisms on today's topic. Please call us direct at 514 738 4100 ext 200 or email me at if you have any inquiries. You can also visit our website at – all our shows are archived there.

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Topic ; Understanding Options Strategies; Basic Facts About Options Trading with Aaron Rand 

Aaron Rand began his radio career in 1974 working as a sports writer at CKGM, when Ralph Lockwood was still ruling the airwaves in Montreal. He lost that job after walking in on Lockwood too many times while he was on the air, to tell him a joke.

After a stint as a writer/researcher on CBC TV’s “Sports of the XXIst Olympiad” leading up to the 1976 summer Olympics in Montreal, Rand assumed his first position behind the mic at CJFM, as its sports director. From there, he moved one floor down in the same building to take on the job as sports reporter on George Balcan’s morning show on CJAD, where he spent two years working with the legendary morning man, and learning what made great radio.
After leaving CJAD for what he thought would be greener pastures as the sports anchor at CBC-TV in Montreal, Rand followed the Beatles to India (well they weren’t actually together, or there at the same time)  for a few months between the two jobs, only to be caught up in a journalists strike at the national broadcaster that lasted more than nine months and eventually cost him the job he had left CJAD to take.

After a year of eating tuna out of cans, and mac and cheese at every other meal while looking for work, Rand finally surfaced at CHOM, writing and co-hosting “Rock and Roll News” and handling all guest interviews and station foreground programming.  From there, it was back to CKGM, this time to host his first ever morning show in 1982, after Ralph Lockwood had moved on. That position, eventually teamed him up with Paul Zakaib (aka Tasso) with whom he would spend the next 30 years of his career.
The pair ended up on CFCF 600 in the spring of 1985, and  then eventually on sister station  CFQR, where they ruled the morning radio ratings for more than 10 years before being split up in 2009.
In addition  to radio, Rand also has a variety of business interests in Montreal. He also considers himself a news junkie, and an interested observer of the financial markets.


Most Montrealers know you are the host of Aaron rand show, you give Interviews with top news makers, music, culture and so much more that will keep montrealers up to speed as we make our way home each day, But most listeners don’t know that you follow the stock market , what intrigues you about the stock market Aaron  ? 

In Past Aaron You mentioned buying gold?

You still like gold?  What interested Aaron about options, options are not very popular among investors and traders as well?

Generally, as we grow older (and wiser!), many of us are less interested in generating neck-snapping returns and more concerned about keeping what we've saved and grown over the years. After all, once you have enough money for the future, it's more important to preserve it rather than put it at risk for higher returns that you may not even need. Aaron If you want smoother returns in down markets and to protect what you have, options are the best way to hedge a portion of your portfolio?

Whether you're new to options or you've been using them for years, Aaron how important is it to consider when and how to incorporate options in your overall investment strategy. Aaron if you believe some of your stocks are overpriced, but you're not looking to sell outright, you might buy puts to protect them?    

 In addition to using options to enhance, hedge, or protect your existing stocks, options can be considered to generate income for part of your portfolio. I've found over the years that you can consistently generate 4% to 6% returns, conservatively, writing covered calls and carefully writing puts for income (or premium) payments, is that a strategy that you use ?


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