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Cycle forecasting; A unique way of predicting the markets!

Cycle forecasting; A unique way of predicting the markets!
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Everything in nature moves in cycles?

"Everything in nature moves in cycles, and these cycles  move in harmony on Earth and in the  cosmos. For example; the cycles of the Sun and Planets, Earth's daily cycles / yearly cycles, Sun cycles , water cycles; economic cycles, life cycles, brainwave cycles, Bio Rhythm cycles, and the list goes on ,,

We find cycles in virtually every realm of life. They are in:Science. There are cycles in physics, biology, astronomy; in Psychology. There are cycles in emotions, brain activity, various behaviors;in History. There are cycles in wars, politics; and lets not forget the various cycles in the human body ...
So do cycles also exist in the stock market or in the business world ?So what if they do … might say!

There are "Business cycle research" which is a vital study for many governmental and private organizations, because a knowledge of these cycles offers opportunities for business success, personal wealth, and management of the economy. Some cycles are unmistakable, like the yearly surge in purchasing prior to the holidays , or the increase in swimwear sales in early summer. Researchers have found cycles in stock-market prices, economic depressions, manufacturing production,prices of various goods, fads and styles, real-estate sales,agricultural production, and other areas of economics and business. 

So Do you want to know the future?  O.K., maybe not everything.  But how about the future direction of the stock market or commodities or maybe predicting  the next crash.   I've never found a working crystal ball  on how to predict the markets ...but, I have found market cycles to be the one of the best predictors of the future market highs and lows. Today's show  is precisely to show you that stock market cycles do exist in various forms.

The use of stock market cycles  is an art or a science or both. Some cycles known by investors ,for example, the four-year presidential
cycle . By identifying the cycles it is possible to anticipate topsand bottoms, as well as, to determine trends. Can cycles be a good opportunity to maximize return on investments. When they work they can be gold in your pocket and your portfolio returns; but when they don’t they are treacherous.

Today In every tumultuous market, investors seek out a guru who can divine the market turn. This time, investors are finding comfort in Mr. Charles Nenner." live and direct from AMSTERDAM CEO and president of  Charles nenner research ….Charles has been the talk of Wall Street since accurately predicting some of the biggest moves in the Markets over the past few years. His newsletter focuses on various financial Markets - Equities, Bonds, Commodities - Oil and Gold - and Currencies,a world cycle expert who will give us insight and  clues on how stock market cycles patterns work and behave and has been on business television shows, bloomberg radio and television  , CNBC and fox business news.

Todays topic of discussion ; Cycle forecasting; A unique way of
predicting the markets!
And more specifically the direction of the the major indexes and currencies  ….
in our studios we have Mr Maurice Cousineau ,,,,


Charles Nenner Born in The Netherlands is a cycle researcher and heads CHARLES NENNER RESEARCH and is World renound for his accurate market predictions and is one of the best over the years. Charles Nenner, an Amsterdam-trained ex-physician, ex-Goldman Sachs analyst a chess player and mathematician now based in Tel Aviv ,he lives in AMSTERDAM right now.  OFTEN VISITS ISRAEL.  Mr Nenner FORECASTS MOVES IN THE
PREDICTIONS ON CYCLES.  Uses the elliott wave principle in his calculations and he He Speaks seven languages fluently, TODAY WE’LL STICK TO ENGLISH!


In a December 2007 media interviews, Charles called some major moves.
For example, in early 2007, he predicted the run-up in the equity
markets. Charles called for the Dow Jones when it was at 10,800, to go to 14,500 - it hit JUST SHORT OF  14,200. In December of 2007, Charles pulled his clients out of the market, and called for a crazy year –Charles Nenner is a frequent guest on finance shows on all major networks including FOX NEWS, CNBC and Bloomberg. Charles Nenner and his Research team advises many hedge funds, investment firms,
institutional and family offices, as well as individual traders and
are some big opportunities on the horizon, and you may find Mr Charles
Nenner research quite helpful at

1.Charles can you explain to us what is is cycle analysis? And Can you take us through your process!

2.Charles How often is your research sent out?
There are 3 main areas to the research:
A. Morning Update - three times a week - Monday, Wednesday and Friday
- covering the following: S&P, Nasdaq, and sometimes Dow, DAX, AEX,
etc - US Bonds - Bunds - Yen - Euro - Gold - Crude - Nat Gas -
Australian Dollar.
B. Sunday Summary - including quite a few global macro forecasts.
C. Additional Updates - covers things not included in the main
Updates, such as longer term forecasts - i.e., six months, year,
longer - including macroeconomic trends, VIX, deficits, unemployment,
etc - since the cycles for those areas as well.

3. What about inflation Charles ;the US authorities have not raise
interest rates because the US economy remains fragile ,,,In my opinion , It's all designed to weaken the dollar. As a result, money is
flooding emerging economies in search of a better return; it's driving up inflation, interest rates and stock prices and therefore distorting markets all over the world. In effect, the US is exporting inflation.
Not easy to do if the US is hell-bent on undermining the dollar ; lets
hear a clip on bloomberg , Diane Swonk, chief economist at Mesirow Financial Inc.,she talks about the outlook for quantitative easing by the U.S. Federal Reserve. Fed Chairman Ben  Bernanke said about the additional monetary stimulus may be warranted because inflation is too low and unemployment is too high.
Charles is there a deflationary problem in the united states that
warrents another monetary stimulus?

4.Charles you suggested investors on this show money and business in july to exit the Dow Jones because you believe its going to 5000 , do you still hold that long term view that there is a market correction coming in the next two years? And should investor stay invested or get out …?

5.Charles like most of us , pretty much confused about the weakening of the US dollar  , But what can the rest of us do when the biggest currency of all – the US dollar – is run by Ben Bernanke, who once theorised about dumping helicopter-loads of money into the streets.
'Blackhawk Ben', as he's been nicknamed by traders, has certainly
persuaded investors that he's more than willing to sacrifice the
dollar to reflate the US economy – whatever the cost...
lets hear a clip from Martin Feldstein, an economics professor at
Harvard University, talks about the outlook for the U.S. dollar.
Curtesy of bloomberg news.
0.34-0.51 –1.15-1.24 --- 1.32-1.44  ----2.18-2.37 ---
So what is going on with the US dollar , my motto is DONT FIGHT THE FED because its never good news to be on the other side of the trade to a major central  bank ..Are the feds playing demolishing derby with US DOLLAR ? Is Ben Bernanke taking the dollar ever closer to the edge?
And judging by central banking history, it's more than possible that
he might just push it over? What are your thought charles &  is
Everyone's a bit too eager to dance on the dollar's grave right now!!!

6.The yen strengthened as report forecast to show a drop in U.S.
housing starts drove demand for the currency as a refuge, and on
prospects Japan will refrain from intervening in markets before a
leaders’ meeting.

The yen remained near a 15-year year high against the dollar before this week’s meeting of policy makers from Group of 20 nations. Masaaki Kanno, a former BOJ official and now chief Japan economist at JPMorgan Chase & Co. in Tokyo, talks about Japan's economy and central bank monetary policy. The Bank of Japan yesterday cut its benchmark overnight interest rate for the first time since 2008 and pledged to hold it at "virtually zero" until officials foresee a sustained end to deflation. Lets hear a clip courtesy from bloomberg  news from masaaki kanno a former bank of japan on bank of japan cutting interest rate cut...
0.44-1.24  --- 2.58-3.18
are you still bullish on yen charles?

7.Gold and silver have broken out to new highs yet again. It seems to be happening almost every day now , gold broke new records, closing in the US at $1367 per ounce, while silver is now through its 2008 peak, closing at aprx $22.80 an ounce, also an all-time high, except for a few crazy days in 1980. In short, it's been an amazing couple of months for precious metal, Charles So where is it all going to end?

8.When  the world's central banks started pumping lots of money into the system. The aim was to boost economic growth. But it hasn't worked out that way. Instead, much of this money has ended up in the financial markets. And as investors wanted higher yields than government bonds were paying, a fair chunk has gone into the junk bond market, Almost $100bn-worth of junk bonds has been sold by corporate borrowers in the last three months, That's a new record level of issuance – but clearly, plenty of people are still buying out there ,,,Charles why are junk bonds still so popular and would you recommend buying them ?
(junk bonds are officially known as 'speculative grade credit'. In
essence, they're lower-grade IOUs issued by companies to raise cash.
Junk bonds yield more than top-notch issues, reflecting the higher
risk you take when you buy them. But junk bond investors still rank
higher in the pecking order than ordinary shareholders. So junk bonds
could still get repaid even if a company's equity capital goes up in
smoke. )

9.Oil prices are back on their way up and currently are trading in the range of 77-80.., oil trading prices on global markets have hit highs last week for 2010 for both NYMEX Light crude oil and ICE Brent crude oil futures. So, the golden question is, what’s in store for the rest of the year and what’s the price of oil going to be in the future years, 2011 and 2012?

Firstly, there’s a global recession on, unless you haven’t noticed!
This alone is holding down oil prices as western countries including
the US continue to use less oil than normal. However, go take a look
at China’s figures for oil use in 2009 – Up 29 percent.
Second, western countries are printing money like there is no
tomorrow. The western world is in dept, lots of debt. So how is this
affecting oil prices and how could this affect oil prices for 2010,
2011 and 2012? Well, oil is priced in US dollars and just take a look
at the amount of debt the US has racked up in the last two years. All this debt is going to, at some point in the future have a negative
impact on the US dollar, or what many analysts believe to be a US
dollar currency crisis, or “a run on the dollar”.
Third, there’s a potential crisis facing the Middle East as Iran
continues to defy requests from the IAEA and the western world to
suspend it’s nuclear ambitions Brent oil futures ended the week trading back under the $83 level as this weekend could bring the start of oil and petrol chaos in areas of
France.ten out 12 frances twelve refineries continue to be shut down ,

10.Potash Corp is the largest potash producers in the world and the
market is starting to heat up. Recently, rumors of a potential
take-over have flared up in which multiple buyers were interested in this gem of a fertilizer company which is estimated at about $39
Potash is trying to stave off the hostile bid from BHP which the
company feels that it is being undervalued. Currently Sinochem has
dropped out of the running to purchase Potash Corp and right now
there's a fight going on between the board at Potash and BHP.
Chinese firms have also approached at least one big Canadian pension manager about a rival bid. The disclosure on Thursday by Alberta Investment Management Corp, which manages some C$70 billion ($67
billion) in public sector pension funds, was one of the first pieces
of hard evidence to back rumors that China is looking for a way to
derail a BHP takeover.
And the last time you where on money and business charles you where recommending  potash ,and potash shares skyrocketed from 110$ to 150$ great call sir  ...CIBC World Markets Corp. analyst Jacob Bout,
updated the sector of chemicals and fertilizers sector to outperform
Charles Why are fertilizer companies so in demand ? And what are you
recommending charles?
notes ---
Sinochem International Corporation, which was derived from the
business of rubber, plastics, chemical products & logistics and
transportation operations, was founded in Beijing, and it publicly
issues A share 120 million at Shanghai Stock Exchange, financing 946 million Yuan in the next December. In March 2000, Sinochem
International Corporation was listed.

11.The Canadian Dollar is up over 5% -12 %in value over each of these
major currencies;
Canadian Dollar vs. 6 Currencies
Against U.S. Dollar: Up 11.88%
Against Euro: Up 5.52%
Against British Pound: Up 8.80%
Against Japanese Yen: Up 7.79%
Against South Korean Won: Up 7.75%
Against Mexican Peso: Up 12.86%
that’s a pretty rapid ascent in the last few months for the canadian
dollar . Again, note that other than the Mexican Peso, the Canadian
Dollar has gained more from the U.S. Dollar than it has from any other
currency. From the statistics gathered , it’s clear that the huge jump
in the Canadian Dollar relative to the American Dollar over the last
six months is due to both the Canadian Dollar appreciating on world
foreign exchange markets and the U.S. Dollar falling in value,,, what
are your views on the Canadian dollar?


Samuel Ezerzer Bsc, Producer & Host of the 
Money & Business Show  ;