Tuesday, 29 January 2013

It’s Not Guns That Kill

on December 28, 2012

I can’t believe my daughter and son-in-law have decided to purchase a hand gun ! They live in New Jersey. I live in Canada. Being Canadian and a news junky, well let’s just say I am closely linked to stuff that comes out of the US. Up here in Canada pretty much the only people who carry guns are the cops and the robbers. It’s not like the US.
Quite frankly I’m very much in favor of the US 2nd Amendment. It’s not complicated for me at all. Every major atrocity of the Twentieth Century has occurred because dictators confiscated guns and other weapons before committing genocide. 

(Hyoung Chang, The Denver Post)

Concerning the type of guns and rifles that fit rapid firing clips, well there really needs to be comprehensive US national discussions on the issue.
It’s so incredibly tragic when we hear of school shootings…any school shooting, but when it’s little school children it’s virtually unbearable to watch. The pain is so great and the loss  so inconceivable. The question is why do these tragic events occur and what actually needs to be done ?

Pawn shop owner Frank James poses for a picture after deciding to discontinue the selling all firearms, including a Bushmaster AR15, pictured, at his shop Loanstar Jewelry and Pawn in Seminole, Fla., this week. (Tampa Bay Times)

I’m a student of psychology who believes early life experiences are crucial to forming one’s belief system. That belief system gets fixed around the age of seven. That basically means the important decisions that you make later on in life will be based on your fixed belief system. Those decisions very often are unconscious. So for the most part you may actually not have your finger on why you’re making that important decision in the first place.

Those early years are so darn important and new parents are so particularly clueless. How has the young couple prepared for parenthood ? Just think. There’s going to be a new arrival with all the changes and turmoil that inevitably occurs. 

Generally there are plenty of stressors to cope with and the lack of money usually tops the list. So for how long is that home going to be peaceful ? blissful ? respectful ? harmonious ? joyful ? Will cooperation rule the day or will confrontation be in the way ?
I am simply pointing out some of the realities of life.  It’s generally not a bowl of cherries but who really expects it to be ? The question being how inoculated are you to the ravages of life and how inoculated do you want your children to be ? Parenting is  serious business. There is precious little more important and precious little given less attention !

How to parent ? Well how are you supposed to know ? Did you ever take the course ? What course ? The one I am suggesting should be part of the curriculum in every High School and University in the country ! If it’s not taught how in the world are you supposed to know how ? Perhaps through natural osmosis ? I don’t think so and neither do you !

It’s not guns that kill. It’s that extremely disturbed and discouraged individual who has been deprived of love, closeness, affection, security, safeness, stimulation, direction and training that is his or her right !

Provide the above and that trigger will surely never be pulled !
By the way, money is most definitely the number one cause of divorce. Want to be inoculated ? Just go here…