Sunday, 10 February 2013

Hackers targeting big banks in U.S; Tech Expert (Video)

Radio Shalom 1650AM, Money and Business Show
Samuel Ezerzer and Jack Bensimon
February, 5, 2013
Banking and Securities Regulatory Compliance
“Online Security Threats for Customers of Financial Institutions: Buyer Beware”

with Adam Sculthorpe, Founder of bitVelocity
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Today’s topic of discussion: “Online Security Threats for Customers of Financial Institutions: Buyer Beware”
Recently the US Federal Reserve was hacked and compromised the privacy data of over 4,000 US bank executives. This is a serious breach of privacy where information leakage, including identity theft, can disrupt the lives of many.
Financial institutions are particularly vulnerable to these online security threats, ranging from the US Federal Reserve, to banks taking customer deposits, to investment banks with trillions of customer assets at their disposal.
On our show today we will focus on the types and impact of various online security threats to customers of financial institutions.

My name is Samuel Ezerzer, your host to the Money & Business show on Radio Shalom, CJRS 1650 AM. With Maurice Cousineau Co-Host.

Jack Bensimon

Our guest today is Jack Bensimon, Managing Director of Black Swan Diagnostics Inc., 
He is a graduate of the University of Toronto, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania (Investment Management). Jack has a Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Business Law from the University of Toronto, Faculty of Law. Jack also has an LL.M. in Securities Law and an LL.M. in the General stream, both from Osgoode Hall Law School (York University). He is chair of the subcommittee and board member of the Canadian Technion Society. The Technion-Israel Institute of Technology is based in Haifa, Israel. He can be reached at

Adam Sculthorpe
Adam is a visionary leader in the IT security world with a career spanning more than 25 years.  Adam’s first experiences in security was with the Royal Anglian Regiment of the British Army as a signals specialist and then went on to build an IT career.

After leaving ISS Adam worked at UBS investment Bank before relocating to Canada.  In 2004 he pioneered click fraud detection software and services solutions and his research and client stories were featured in The New Scientist, The New York Times, The Register and on National TV and Radio.  Adam is currently Founder of a start up called bitVelocity where he is developing cloud-based web hosting solutions that improve search ranking.  Adam is also developing privacy testing solutions and internet encryption software.