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Idle no More" Movement; Oil Expert 'Communication is Key"

Jan 30th 2013

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Should a pipeline be built across the United States through the Canadian border to carry oil from the tar sands of Alberta to refineries in Texas. We are talking about a project of the northern leg of the keystone XL pipeline that has to be approved by the state department and its fate lies with the president of the United States Barak Obama citing environmental concerns.


Keystone XL "Idle no More" Movement "Communication" One of the Key Issues is ;Oil Expert Part 1


Keystone XL "Idle no More" Movement "Communication" One of the Key Issues is ;Oil Expert Part 2

While we have talk about the oil pipelines and gas issues like shale, one of the issues that keep’s coming up is the whole issue surrounding oil and gas developments (exploration, development and pipelines) is consultation and communications by the industry and government with local stakeholders (landowners, aboriginals, and environmentalists).
 It seems to me and others that the industry and governments are always on the defensive and reactive rather than being proactive when it comes to communication and consultation with stakeholders regarding oil and natural gas developments."

Obvious with the "Idle no More" movement one of the key issues is "communication, even  The Green Party of Canada is encouraging Canadians to engage in an informed and helpful discourse on Indigenous Rights and fundamental Canadian values of sustainable development, peace, freedom and equality for all Canadians.

Green party sais “The Idle No More Movement is an opportunity for people in Canada to join in solidarity on key issues like the protection of water and provision of clean drinking water for all in this country. 

It is creating awareness of how Canada is exposing us to a free-for all through the Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act (FIPA) with China. Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act FIPA undermines sovereignty at all levels and infringes on the treaties with First Nations," said Elizabeth May, MP for Saanich—Gulf Islands and leader of the Green Party of Canada.

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Rick DeWolf is a Professional Engineer and independent energy consultant. Rick has been consulting to most sectors of the oil and natural gas industry for over 20 years, while being involved in the oil and natural gas industry for nearly 35 years. 

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Published on Jan 22, 2013
U.S. Department of State Spokesperson Victoria Nuland leads the Daily Press Briefing at the U.S. Department of State in WashingtonD.C. on January 22, 2013. [Go to for more video and text transcript.]

Keystone pipeline and Nebraska is giving a nod for different route

"Idle No More" is a worldwide indigenous movement started by the First Nation Tribes of Canada as a way to help protect the Constitutional Treaty Rights of the Indian Act. These rights are being threatened by the proposed C-45 Bill. 

Listen to Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune
source NPR News Radio (All Thing Consider)
Nebraska has endorse it!

Sierra Club announces it will engage in civil disobedience……finally

JANUARY 23, 2013