Saturday, 9 March 2013

Conspiracy Theories Resurface After Hugo Chavez Death ;Maduro promises to investigate Chavez ‘assassination

Venezuelan officials called for peace and unity after President Hugo Chavez's death on Tuesday, emphasizing in state television broadcasts that all branches of the government and the military were standing together.

The announcement of Chavez’s death came hours after vice president, and now interim president Nicolas Maduro, met with Venezuela’s top political leaders and military brass to discuss the president’s ever-worsening health condition. At the time, Maduro apparently suggested that someone may have deliberately infected Chavez with cancer or some other agent that made him deteriorate, according to CNN.  Maduro went so far as to call Chavez’s death an assassination, according to The Washington Post.

The announcement of Chavez's death came hours after Maduro met with the country's top political and military leaders about Chavez's worsening health condition and suggested someone may have deliberately infected Chavez with cancer.

Stories of Chavez being essentially poisoned by the CIA have been around since his first tumor was reported back in 2011. Even controversial drama-loving Chavez himself wondered out loud if it were possible. To which the U.S State Department public affairs staff responded with a “that’s reprehensible”.  What else are they going to say? You caught us?

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez had been fighting cancer for two years when he died at age 58, but some Venezuelans — including new President Nicolas Maduro — are convinced that he was poisoned.
The new interim president Maduro said that A “scientific commission” would look into Chavez’s death and the possibility that his “historical enemies” had somehow induced his disease,The theory does not seem to be gaining much ground in Venezuelan Twitter circles, either.
“These people promote the crazy thesis of Chavez’s assassination!” wrote one man. “Since it’s not epic that the guy died in his bed.”
“Yes, the U.S. caused Chavez’s cancer, the Russian meteor, the bird flu, and the sinking of the Titanic,” wrote another in Chile.
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