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The Boston Attack site was a well chosen site for several reasons,Former CIA 'officer' in the Counter-terrorism Center

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Jerry Brewer a former CIA officer and currently has a firm Criminal Justice International Associates a global risk assessment and threat mitigation.

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Since our last interview with Jerry Brewer last August in 2012 the dynamics of the “Mexican Drug War” have morphed into what is essentially a War against organized crime throughout the Americas. While we discussed last time how this would (and has) affect the US and Canada,  there is a new enemy that is made up of a myriad of foreign nationals focusing on MUCH more than drugs.

"Wealth Redistribution Hugo Chavez Style" And Was Chavez worth over $1bn when he died? 
As well As the Boston Bombings what could have been done to prevent this if possible 

Today in our today's show live from Florida is Mr. Jerry Brewer is a 'former" CIA 'officer' in the Counter-terrorism Center , has served the U.S. government as a counterterrorism specialist- practitioner and senior trainer with extensive operational activity in Latin America and the Middle East as an intelligence community operative, we will explore Hugo Chavez Worth when he died.

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Mr. Jerry Brewer is a 'former" CIA 'officer' in the Counter-terrorism Center , has served the U.S. government as a counterterrorism specialist- practitioner and senior trainer with extensive operational activity in Latin America and the Middle East as an intelligence community operative- with a fluency in Spanish.
With over thirty years of professional managerial and leadership experience in the field of Criminal  Justice (fifteen years as Chief of Police in 3 states); Jerry’s awards include U.S. Congressional and  State Senate and House, honors. He is a published author. columnist, keynote speaker, consultant, and expert witness on extensive  international criminal justice topics- Intelligence; terrorism/counterterrorism; transnational organized crime and drug cartels; policing; leadership; major case criminal investigation/homicide. and related  world events He is the President and CEO of Criminal Justice International Associates, A global threat mitigation Firm located in northern Virginia."


Let’s move forward on terrorism to the recent bombing in Boston. Before we talk about the incident from the moment the bombs exploded and forward to currently; what could have been done to prevent this if possible, and what do counterterrorism experts such as you look for and do to interdict terrorists proactively?

A- First off, it would be nearly impossible to stop any threat that is intricately planned, organized, structured, supported and moves forward with patience; adhering to a rigid and strict operational plan. Without informants (whistleblowers) a well organized team effort can prevail against a target. What counterterror experts rely on in attempting to interdict planned terror events is in the pre-attack stages of the terrorist’s attack cycle which is their weakest point. That cycle begins with the process of the terrorist selecting or identifying a target for attack. They do this by sometimes intense periods of surveillance of the potential victim or target site. They look for patterns, security issues, travel routes, and related routines where the victim/site is vulnerable tor attack. This period of surveillance could be very lengthy. This is where they can be eventually spotted by a trained surveillance detection cadre. The terrorist’s surveillance team will pay special attention to a location where the victim or victims can be controlled in terms of a flow, chokepoint, or channel with little chance of exiting safely. The terrorist must be able to blend in and have a position of cover to sustain his/her presence in the area; the place to control the victim, and a method/route of escape.

Can you summarize what you know about the Boston bombing and what took place and was reported?

A- As you know, the investigation continues to be fluid. Open source reports of the bombing can never be truly relied upon due to potential withholding of certain information or events for strategic investigative reasons or national security. My specific interest of the Boston (Marathon) bombings was the modus operandi of the two “named” terrorists. I apply the traditional terror cycle and immediately wonder if any pre-attack surveillance and assessment of the attack site was or could have been spotted previous to the operational act. Were cameras within the chosen site perimeter checked back further (prior to the date of attack) for these two actors and/or potential accomplices? Were there false police calls for service to the immediate area; other emergency responders such as fire or ambulance/rescue; or other unusual events prior to the date of attack?

In my opinion, the attack site was a well chosen site for several reasons. This leads me to believe that there was classic terror training/indoctrination, and methodology and not a simple random attack poorly planned. Two adequate devices/bombs were placed and detonated undetected prior to the explosion. The devices placed about a hundred yards apart and within the intended victimsfor maximum effect/scatter/injuries. Too, the devices were placed along the flow of the runners moving in one direction, with spectators static between the two explosive devices. This area became a chokepoint after the side street was passed and they moved forward to the first detonation There was no place for retreat and the second bomb was timed to get those continuing 
to run or run away from the first explosion.The escape route for the terrorists was the side street away from the first bomb and they were able to move away effectively and timely; albeit the camera’s later would reveal their movement.

What about many of the theories and best guesses by many as to the overall picture as to whether these two brothers were affiliated with anyone and had help with this attack- do you think they were trained in your opinion by traditional terrorism factions or networks?

A- Yesterday, the surviving terrorist allegedly said they acted alone; prepared the bombs from Internet-style links, and did it because of US invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan in disrespect to 
Islam.I take into account the deceased terrorist’s hate for the US; his six month known travel to Russia, and the previous warning to the FBI from Russia (possibly others) to have a look at him. It appears that that ball was dropped and this team of two (or others possibly unknown) were able to perform according to what I just detailed- in precision; and may have totally escaped had they not gotten involved in the incidents with the car jacking, MIT incident, and the traffic stop. It was a well executed plan for what is being described/reported as an untrained, unskilled, random 
first act.

Regarding the terrorists that were arrested by the Canadian RCMP on Monday, what is your current assessment of those reports; your opinion on RCMP’s due diligence in that lengthy 
investigation, and what it means to Canada and the US for the future of potential aggressive attacks on both nations? 

A- From what I know, the RCMP accomplished an outstanding and “proactive” effort instrategically interdicting a terrorist cell in their planning stages for a major terrorist event that was designed for mass casualties that would have possibly affected Canada and the US. 

It was reported that the FBI was collaborating in this investigation and the plan entailed possible site(s) in New York. Effectively countering terrorism requires proactive strategies; intense and consistent training to police at all levels (local/county/state/federal/military); the sharing of intelligence along with proactive intelligence-led policing routines, and educating people in spotting and reporting suspicious incidents and actions. This nation cannot afford to simply be in a “reactive” posture to a terrorist’s plan of attack.

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