Tuesday 16 July 2013

Watch Video ; Friendthem How it Works And The future of mobile App specifically GPS location based (part 2)

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In the U.S., smartphones are in every hand. People are checking in, doing price research, writing restaurant reviews, sharing photos, map request and connecting with each other in real time all over the real world.

So If you had the opportunity to form meaningful connections with a whole wide world of interesting people - wouldn't you do it?
With the Friendthem app, you do have that opportunity. Everyone else who has downloaded Friendthem, has done so because they want to meet new people.
Friend requests through the Friendthem app don’t come from your personal history, the time you spent in grade school or the friends from places where you used to live.
Instead, Friendthem introduces you to the people directly and physically surrounding you at the places you are right now. People who share proximity and interests with you. People who want to be a part of your future.

                                         part 3

charles sankowich


Charles Sankowich  
Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer
Charles graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a B.A. in Political Science. He worked on the New York Mercantile Exchange , worked as a trader on the floor of the new York mercantile exchange trading oil till the late nineties and then started doing pursuing ventures as well as pursued real estate development ventures.

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