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Turkey a model of democracy and Islam and The road map to a culture of Peace in the Middle East

Wednesday July 3rd 2013 


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Turkey a model of democracy and Islam and road map to a culture of Peace  in the Middle East 

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Turkey recognized the State of Israel in 1949. Turkey’s first
diplomatic mission in Israel was a ”Legation” and was officially inaugurated on 7 January 1950 and the first Turkish Chief of Mission, Seyfullah Esin presented his credentials to Chaim Weisman, President of Israel. However, the Turkish Legation was downgraded to the level of “Charge d’Affaires” after the Suez Canal Crisis on 26 November 1956.

Israel signed a free trade agreement with Turkey in 2000. It was a historic accord, Israel’s first such agreement with a Muslim country. Since then, there has been a remarkably steady progression in trade and investment. The Two-way trade, having surpassed the $4-billion mark in 2011, far exceeds the level of Israel’s commercial relations
with Canada. By 2013, he noted, the figure is expected to reach $5 billion.

Today Live From Istanbul is Sinem Tezyapar a politcal and Religious commentator to discuss what she is doing to bring about cooperation and peace between Turkey and Israel as well as denouncing anti Semitism in The Middle East stay tuned!

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Today our guest is


Sinem Tezyapar is a political and religious commentator, peace 
activist and an executive producer at a Turkish TV network. She is a columnist, and her articles are being published regularly in the international media including Jewish publications like Jerusalem Post, Jewish Press, Jewish Journal, Arutz Sheva and so on.

She is also the spokesperson of a prominent international interfaith organization, as well as its coordinator for international relations with political and religious leaders. She is working with inter-parliamentary and non governmental organizations for the establishment of the United Nations Permanent Forum for a Culture of Peace and Global Ethics.

As a Muslim, she denounces terrorism, anti-Semitism, and all kinds of violence, She Often talks about Turkey’s role in the region, the problems of Jews and Christians in the Middle East, relations between Israel and Turkey, the Iran-Israel conflict, the latest situation in the Middle East, the concerns of the Western world about Islam and Muslims in general.

She has been influential in setting up many meetings and conferences between religious and political leaders of Turkey and Israel including Interior Minister Eli Yishai, Deputy Minister Yitzhak Cohen, Deputy Minister Ayoob Kara, Knesset Member Nissim Zeev, Chief Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau, Chief Rabbi Shlomo Moshe Amar, Rabbi Haim Drukman, Rav Avraham Yosef, Rabbi David Stav and many many others. She is a personal friend of many Israelis such as advisors, experts, academicians, religious leaders and politicians.

And as well Sinem Tezyapar is an Executive Producer at a Turkish television network.

And joining us  live from Istanbul Turkey

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