Tuesday 27 August 2013

Can Montreal regain its dignity after all these scandals and investigations? Denis Coderre

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Montreal Mayor Candidate Mr Denis Coderre
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The failure of laissez-faire capitalism. With Paul Craig Roberts and Denis Coderre, mayoral candidate of Montreal 


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Can Montreal regain its dignity after all these scandals and investigations? With Montreal Mayoral Candidate Mr Denis Coderre


For longer than he can remember, Michael Hershman has visited Montreal for business  he said  “I love Montreal, and always will,” he says of the charmingly askew city. For Hershman, co-founder of the corporate-and-political-corruption monitoring body Transparency International, the case is clear: Quebec’s business and political culture is by far the most corrupt in Canada. “Are the problems in Quebec more severe than the rest of Canada? 

His  impression is yes,”

Montreal is now on its third mayor in seven months; the last one, interim mayor Michael Applebaum, was recently arrested and charged with 14 fraud-related counts. Alexandre Duplessis, the interim mayor of Laval, resigned last week after a bizarre episode in which he claimed two escorts attempted to extort him following a jaunty night at his country home. the Quebec government recently placed the province’s third-largest city under trusteeship, after revelations that all but one of its city councillors were making illegal donations to their party.


Today live from our business Headquarters in Montreal on the Money and Business show is former liberal MP and Montreal mayoralty candidate Denis Coderre to talk about his vision of Montreal and as he said at the start of the race "Montreal needs a conductor, Montreal needs a bridge-builder. Montreal needs a catalyst so we can believe in that city again,"


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Samuel ezerzer and Denis coderre , business headquarters

Denis Coderre , former MP is a Canadian politician from Quebec, Canada. Denis Coderre was the Liberal Member of Parliament for the Montreal riding of Bourassa from 1997 to 2013.
Denis Coderre, entered cabinet in August 1999 when he was appointed Secretary of State for Amateur Sport. In January 2002, he was appointed Immigration minister.

On December 12, 2003, Prime Minister Paul Martin advised Governor General Adrienne Clarkson to appoint Coderre to the Cabinet asPresident of the Queen's Privy Council for Canada where he was responsible for a number of files, such as the creation of the new Public Service Human Resources Management Agency. He was also the Federal Interlocutor for Metis and Non-Status Indians, the Minister responsible for La Francophonie and the Minister responsible for the Office of Indian Residential Schools Resolution. Coderre was not re-appointed to Cabinet following the 2004 general election, in which he was re-elected in his riding.

As Minister of Immigration, Coderre supervised the application of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, which came into effect on June 28, 2002. As Secretary of State for Amateur Sport, Coderre successfully negotiated a number of national and international agreements and helped to establish the World Anti-Doping Agency in Montreal.
He is currently running for Mayor of Montreal in the 2013 municipal election, as leader of the new Équipe Denis Coderre slate of candidates.

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