Thursday, 28 February 2013

Can Real Estate Be for Everyone

Topic" Can Real Estate Be for Everyone."
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Like many Canadians , there are people struggling to find an affordable home these days . They currently live in a one or two-bedroom apartment with theirchildren. “soon,”. Toronto and Vancouver the city’s highly competitive real estate market, where bidding wars are still common, home ownership has so far been unfeasible for the couple. But after a decade of staggering growth, the housing market in many Canadian cities is starting to cool—a trend economists and real estate experts suggest will continue through 2014. So are Prospective buyers smelling opportunity, but they’re not sure how to take advantage. “If there’s a downturn coming, what’s ther best strategy?

Live from the business studios of Radio Shalom in Montreal is Gerald Czernohorsky is Ceo of Montreal Capital Partners will discuss the real estate market why is still the best investment to make.

My name is Samuel Ezerzer, your host to the Money & Business show on Radio Shalom, CJRS 1650 AM. Thank you for tuning in live on the Money & Business show, with our Business studios headquarters in Montreal, the financial capital and the home to the greatest hockey team, the Montreal Canadians. We have another great show for you today and as always, you can call if you have any questions, comments, or criticisms on today's topic. Please call us direct at 514 738 4100 ext 200 or email me at if you have any inquiries. You can also visit our website at – all our shows are archived there.


Gerald Czernohorsky is Ceo of Montreal Capital Partners
Montreal Capital Partners, established in 2011 is an innovative, forward thinking real estate investing company dedicated to offering the best real estate solutions to both its customers and investors. It has a corporate team with a vast knowledge and expertise in the real estate industry that can find a solution for any real estate problem and believes in “Investing in Relationships”


At Montreal Capital Partners do deals that are financed in a creative manner, When going for a project of joint ventures or partnering up with other individuals due diligence is there highest importance when choosing a partner.  Although a high return on our investment is very important at Montreal Capital Partners they also believe that it is equally important to invest for cash flow and long term sustainability of a real estate project.

Montreal Capital Partners has a firm corporate policy of giving back to the community and this can best be exemplified by the fact that he has volunteered as a Big Brother for the Big Brothers of West Island for over ten years and as well sat on the Board of Directors for the Big Bothers of West Island for over 3 years.


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