Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Bartending Great Job Ideas That College Students Can Do

One of the job to do is bartending. As a college student, you're already in party/socializing mode, so why not make money off of it? 

Many college students find jobs as bartenders in the college town they live in. The key is to find an establishment that is either upscale and will pay well, or find an establishment that you know you can make money.

Bartenders can make up to $200-$400 a night easily on busy nights.

                                                           Bloody Ceaser drink

Beside the money, it is flexible in the sense you have all day to go to class and your shift will start around 5pm-6pm or so. You work until 11pm at a nice restaurant and you can still have plenty of time to meet your friends after work. 

If you work at a college partying place, you can join in the party after your shift and drink either for free or for much less.

                                                 How to Make a B-52 Layered Shot drink;

I totally enjoyed the bartending experience that I had at Professional Bartenders School at its an amazing experience. The school taught me how to makes lots of drinks, cocktails, and martinis, fruit cutting etc. Even though we didn’t go into flair bartending, it was great, and I've found many jobs due to your team in the job placement division! I highly recommend the Professional bartender school, and there job placement program that they have to offer!
Thank you for helping me achieve my personal goals!!

                                          how to make Russian Roulete cocktail drink

At The Master School of Bartending you will learn to become a professional bartender. There instructors will train how to prepare more drinks than you could possibly imagine. You’ll master the art of preparing and serving cocktails, shooters, mixed and exotic drinks, Champagne, wine and beer. The course will also teach you about professional hospitality industry work ethics, requirements and fundamentals of the trade.

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